I offer one-to-one singing lessons in my space in Forest Gate. Become a more confident singer and strengthen your technique. Take a look at the different lessons I offer below. 

1 hour lessons: £30 (5 lessons for £140)

Whether you are a new to singing or you just want to take it to the next level with some advice, these lessons are for you. In my vocal studio you decide your musical goals and together we work towards achieving those. Each lesson is tailored to your needs. But here are some of the topics I am likely to cover with you:

- Effective & safe warm-ups
- Posture, breathing & support
- Resonance
- Various vocal techniques
- Building vocal strength & stamina
- Confidence building & performance skills
- Song interpretation
- Basic music theory
- Understanding of how our vocal instrument works
- Microphone technique (and further knowledge on music technology for those who are interested).


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40 min lessons: £25 (5 lessons for £115)

These lessons are ideally suited to younger students (under the age of 13). Many of the essentials of singing, such as proper breathing and support will be taught, together with ear training, confidence building and basic music theory. Younger children are still developing and growing into their vocal instrument, and shorter lessons are therefore recommended. 


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